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A 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

P.O. Box 39 Macks Creek, MO 65786 Phone: 573-363-5848

Our Board and Advisors


Michelle Schiefelbein, Board Member and Executive Director was born and raised in Leawood and Overland Park, Kansas in the suburbs of Kansas City.  She is an original founding member of Thunder Eagle Ridge Youth Camp & Retreat, Inc.  She moved from the Kansas City area to the Lake of the Ozarks area with her husband Clay in 2002 after discovering the gorgeous acreage that is now the home of Thunder Eagle Ridge.  Out of a vision of seeing a world that is fair and just and wanting to contribute to it, and believing that every human being is a worthy and capable contributor to our society, Thunder Eagle Ridge was born.   She now continues to partner with others to bring this vision into reality, while managing all aspects of the not-for-profit organization. Her most important qualification for the development of this youth camp has been her 20 years of experience as a mother of her two grown children. Second to that is her real world experience including 12 years in the for-profit sector as Co-owner of CM Plumbing & Contracting Co., Inc. and 12 years of experience working in the legal field. She has extensive knowledge of the legal, managerial and financial aspects of business, profit and not-for-profit, and the attention to detail needed to be a big picture visionary.   She is devoted to applying her energy and passion to the organization with her number one goal being the bringing together of like-minded, diverse individuals contributing a wide variety of talent and experience. Together the goal is to build Thunder Eagle Ridge into an innovative educational facility with all the elements of a youth camp where participants will feel and experience success in order to have the confidence to take social action in their communities and build a fair and just world for all.


Clay Schiefelbein, Board Member was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinios.  He moved to the Lake of the Ozarks area with his wife Michelle in 2002.  He is an original founding member of Thunder Eagle Ridge Youth Camp & Retreat, Inc. and is led by a vision of bringing society from Me to We, creating greater unity and understanding between all peoples, and creating an educational environment which supports a deeper relationship with our natural world. Clay is CEO of CM Plumbing & Contracting Co., Inc. and has been a business owner since 1986. He brings extensive business experience from financial management to construction which is vital to the development of the camp and retreat. Clay has served as a city councilman, as well as on various city boards and committees. He was co-founder of a downtown revitalization task force in Plattsburg, Missouri. He was also co-founder of a Missouri award winning environmental organization called EARTH which focused on education of youth and the community regarding recycling and environmental issues. Clay has been intimately involved in the communities he has lived as a member of Lion’s Club and a co-founder and committee member of the BNI Chapter in Camdenton, Missouri. Clay’s vision is for our children to live in a world whose social reality is based on relationship, consultation and peaceful co-existence.


John H. Willenberg, Board Member has spent the last 25 years in Columbia, Missouri and brings to the Board diverse experience as a life-long educator. Currently John is employed as a Mentor to teachers as part of a National Science Foundation grant, for the Physics Department at the University of Missouri. Before that, John was a science teacher and environmental advocate in the Columbia, Missouri Public Schools for over 25 years. From Science Teacher to Lead Teacher for an alternative program for chronic at-risk students he has extensive training and experience with working with youth. He was an Environmental Education & Information Specialist in a joint program between the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Columbia Public Schools and provided ecology programs statewide, training teachers in environmental education with nationally recognized programs, and has developed naturalist training programs and participated in resource management, including prairie management. John was the Director of a district-wide Title IV C Environmental Education Program wherein he directed teams that wrote curriculum activities guides. These skills are being utilized in further development of our Environmental Division. John has served our country in the United States Navy and has served on many committees in his community including Friends of Rock Bridge State Park, President of the local Missouri National Education Association, been an advisor of the Friends of Nature Science and Outdoor Education Club and coordinated START, a student at-risk program at Oakland Junior High. John has a Bachelors Degree in Wild Life Conservation and a Masters Degree in Extension Education, both from the University of Missouri.


Pamela L. Smith, Board Member lives in St. James, Missouri and has woven an eclectic tapestry of life experiences that contribute greatly as a Board Member of Thunder Eagle Ridge. Originating with undergraduate degrees in theatre, science and education from Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri, her professional life has focused on health care starting with animals, and traditional allopathic care. For the last 35 years Pam has focused on alternative health care through natural, organic foods, cleansing and making simple choices more in harmony with nature. She has owned her own business for 12 years and understands well what is required to run a successful business. Pam’s master’s program was in Midwifery from South Florida School of Midwifery in Miami. She served as a Board Member for Manfred Interfaith Retreat Center, Inc. a 33 acre, not-for-profit facility in Dade County, Florida. She eventually became the Administrative Director overseeing a residential camp for over 6000 volunteers from all 50 states and over 32 countries. Working in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity and The United Methodist Church, it helped uninsured residents rebuild their homes after Hurricane Andrew. In addition to the hurricane relief effort, Pamela developed educational programs adaptable to any age in environmental studies, an initiative named From Trash to Table, Native American Studies, and a full low ropes course of cooperative games. Hundreds of school students participated in these programs as day long field trips, numerous groups and corporations as weekend programs and many as week long events. Grant writing, fundraising, continual development of the physical properties, protection of the endangered residential species, the growth and expansion of numerous organic gardens, and a passion for educating youth provide exceptional hands on experience very pertinent to Thunder Eagle Ridge.


Linda Covery, Advisory Board Member is an original founding member of Thunder Eagle Ridge. It is through her vision and initiative that helped bring the organization into reality and shape its foundational policies and procedures as its first President. Linda brings an incredible life of personal and professional experience that greatly enhances the character of this organization. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology and also teaches topics in religion at LNU-MSU College of International Business in Dalian, China, where she has lived for the past three years. Linda is of Cherokee/Southern Cheyenne/German heritage and has been highly active in her culture. This understanding of cultural diversity serves our organization’s Cultural Division well and will be indispensable to its future development. She founded and organized the “Heart of America Spiritual Gathering” held at Temerity Woods in Rolla, Missouri now in its 14th year, and founded the four-year “Nunavut Project: a journey to the arctic’s people, which was a cultural-to-cultural and spiritual-to-spiritual exchange. In addition, Linda was a volunteer in corrections (VIC) for seven years in Missouri with the native circles in the prison system.  She is also a pow wow organizer and dancer. Linda holds a B.S. in Psychology, Minor Journalism-Missouri State University, a B.A. in Religious Studies, a Minor Anthropology- Missouri State University, a Masters, Religious Studies: Religion, Self, and Society track-Missouri State University, and Certified in Reality Therapy/Control Theory, William Glasser Institute, California. Her Doctorial Work in Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology track: Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, Springfield, Missouri.


Eric Dozier, Advisory Board Member is owner of Eric Dozier Music and Education, co-founder and Creative Director for One Human Family Music Workshops, Inc., and serves as Musical Director and Curriculum Consultant of the Children’s Theater Company of New York City. Eric has extensive experience providing vision and leadership to organizations through strategic planning, policy development and execution, as well as designing and implementing character education curriculum using original compositions that focus on virtues, values, and citizenship. His skills in these areas will be utilized in further development of our Arts Division and Virtues Education Division. Eric’s past experience includes a position as Musical Director of the World Famous Harlem Gospel Choir and Mentoring Services Specialist for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Eric has a Bachelors Degree in Public Policy Studies from Duke University and a Masters in Theological Studies (MTS), Comparative Religion from Duke Divinity School. Eric continues to devote his musical, spiritual, and intellectual energies to uniting the song at a time. His heart stirring music, dynamic speeches, historical presentations, and music workshops continue to weld the hearts and minds of a divided humanity into one loving fellowship.


Barbara J. Willenberg, Advisory Board Member is a wonderful addition to our advisory board in so many ways. With a Bachelors and Masters in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Missouri, she has applied her knowledge and wisdom for the development of our Health and Well-being Division and will continue to be an active part of its development into the future. Barbara is retired now but was an extension specialist for Nutritional sciences (FNP) at the University of Missouri and a state wide coordinator for Family Nutrition Program for low income families. She wrote nutrition guide sheets for extension service and developed curriculum materials for Family Nutrition Program in English and Spanish.


Robert A. Almony, Jr., LLC, EA, Advisory Board Member has been doing taxes and financial planning for 44 years. He is an Enrolled Agent, Authorized to Practice before the IRS at all levels and a Registered Investment Advisor. Bob is retired from the University of Missouri, where he was the Assistant Director of Libraries for 28 years. He has a Bachelors of Economics and Religious Studies from San Diego State University, a Masters in Library Science from the University of California - Berkley and has a Educational Specialists Degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Missouri. He brings to the organization his years of experience in financial planning and advises the organization in this capacity to ensure its sustainability for many years to come. Bob has served his community as a Cub Scout Master and Assistant Scout Master for the Boy Scouts of America as well as served on over 50 American Library Association Committees, chairing most of them in the past thirty five years. His greatest passion are his 4 children, but especially his 5 grand-children.


Rachel Willenberg, Advisory Board Member brings a vast spectrum of experience as a Registered Nurse in the Military all the way to the present as a school nurse in elementary education. Her background as the direct link between physicians, families, and community agencies to assure access and continuity of health care of students benefits Thunder Eagle Ridge greatly as it continues development of its Health and Well-being Division and development of our community outreach program for campers. Rachel provides our organization with her skills in development planning, organization, use of independent judgment and initiative and brings a crucial understanding of counseling and guidance in her professional interaction with students, parents and staff regarding health-related issues. She has worked with a diverse range of people from all walks of life and all age groups from one month old to 90+ years which has helped shape her perspective of the need for equality and justice for all. Rachel has a B.S.N. from Creighton University, has extensive training as a critical care nurse, has been a member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Sigma Theta Tau International, and currently belongs to the Alpha Sigma Nu National Jesuit Honor Society and the Missouri Association of School Nurses.


Annie Lovell, Advisory Board Member has served in many capacities for Not-for-Profit organizations over the years and brings to Thunder Eagle Ridge her passion for assisting organizations with fundraising and grant writing. Currently she serves as our advisor in research and development of fundraising. Her past and present experience with Not-for-profit organizations includes fundraiser and grant writer for Hallsville Community Development Association in Hallsville, Missouri, with the March of Dimes as its Regional Chair, Chair of Outreach for the Newcomers' Club, and President of the Hickory Homemakers Extension Club, as an EMT and President of the Emergency Medical Service in Colfax, Indiana.  She has attended several higher education institutions as she moved around the country for her husband's job and attended the University of Illinois-Chicago in an accelerated program for business professionals. Annie worked as an administrative assistant, training coordinator, and senior executive secretary to a Division President of Publisher, R.R. Donnely and Sons in Chicago.


Melvin E. West, Advisory Board Member brings an outstanding life of service to humanity and experience to this organization. He has lived his life as a Christian Minister and was immediately attracted to the ideas and goals of Thunder Eagle Ridge. His loving and open heart recognized the pure intent of Thunder Eagle Ridge and the need for a camp and retreat like it, that embraced his personal feelings our world and the need for unity among all its peoples. His capacity, wisdom and advice from his years of dedicated service of such organizations as an international board member of The Heifer Project, Habitat for Humanity, ECHO, SIFAT, the NACCE and Rainbow Network is indispensable to this organization. In 1995 he founded PET (Personal Energy Transportation) which today is established in 61 countries with PET's being built by volunteers in in over 14 localities in the United States, Mexico, Zambia and South Africa.

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