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About TERC

A 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

P.O. Box 39 Macks Creek, MO 65786 Phone: 573-363-5848

Our Programs = Fun

"It's only been a couple of days and I already miss everybody from Thunder Eagle Ridge! I miss the gorgeous scenery, the wonderful hugs, the talented eyebrows, the extraordinary winks, the beautiful smiles, the amazing tickle-fights, the pointless stories, and the hilarious conversations. I love you all, and can't wait to see you all next year."

~Youth Participant

Focusing on 1) fun; 2) fun; 3) fun; and, 4) fun, our programming team first thinks about, you guessed it, how to make learning fun and interactive - so youth will want to learn more.

Our programming team's next goal is to specifically design each program so participants work with each other, encourage each other's unique talents and abilities, and utilize them to attain a unified goal of a given activity.

The goal of programming is to focus on the outcome.  Participants work together in all activities using the foundation of the Circle Walk™, a framework of Knowledge, Volition and Action and building a structure through creative process, critical thinking and consultation.


Gain knowledge at camp and beyond to unlock unique gifts and talents that will contribute to all the circles of life.


Learn patterns of behavior that unlock inner strength and create the resolve to see any action, once started, through to its end - persevering with enthusiasm and courage, while maintaining a positive outlook.



Internalize learning by doing and practicing with others
Gain hands-on experience
Feel the joy and excitement when expressing innate talents
Be appreciated by others
Build on success
All with a goal of improving individuals to improve the whole.


Creative Process

Engage all senses to be inspired; be imaginative; incorporate play and fun; learn how to assemble parts into a whole; reflect on outcomes and embrace the result.

Critical Thinking

The camp's instructional model is designed to engender qualities to advance critical thinking evaluate arguments and facts through reason and judgment. Manifest characteristics essential for critical thinking: open-mindedness, seeing with your own eyes; eliminating preconceived ideas, and truthfulness.  The camp's instructional model is designed to advance critical thinking and bring about campers' inner knowledge by 1) Introducing campers to new information; 2) Engaging campers in collection of data and encouraging their inquisitve nature through guided activities; 3) help camper develop analytical skills and internalize new information by comparing and contrasting data collected; and, 4) Applying and connecting this new information through experiential activities and artistic pursuits.


Participate in respectful exchange of ideas with others, listening to all suggestions, letting go of our own ideas if a better one is presented, all with the aim of coming to an agreed consensus of a group. Gain new understanding, awareness, and awakening of the issue at hand.
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