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About TERC

A 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

P.O. Box 39 Macks Creek, MO 65786 Phone: 573-363-5848

Examples of Programming

"Thank you for such a fantastic musical emersion!!! It was a beautiful experience throughout. The food was amazing!!! The bunkhouses are sooooooooooooo comfy!!! The music and the collaboration were heavenly. And the love was sooooo abundant! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"




"Spirit and Sacrifice-What Can I Sacrifice?"

"The Mandala"

"Racial Unity - A Matter of Heart"

"Creating Understanding: Study of The Persian Culture"

"Women & Aging-Eliminating Stereotypes and Myths"

Come to camp, cultivate your understanding of our world, gain experience and leave Thunder Eagle Ridge with new friends and new knowledge.  Be open to different cultures and feel secure in a willingness to be open to cultures other than your own.




"The Spider Web"

"Everybody over the Wall?"

"All Aboard!"

"Fall for You?"

Campers practice skills and learn tools they can utilize everyday. Team Building is a big part of learning here to enable our participants to contribute to and be a cause of, the peace and well-being of family, community, our nation and the ever-changing and increasingly diverse world that we live in.




"Soaking in The Virtues"

Consultation on Varying Subjects

Dynamic and Group Problem Solving

Skits on Bullying: "Be Cool" and other Hot Topics

"Consumerism: Our identity is not what we buy"

Thunder Eagle Ridge supports discovery of everyone's nobility and dynamic capacities and gain confidence to nurture them to their full potential.


"Presentation on the Environment" presented by Jerry Marks

"Nobel Peace Prize Co-Recipient - Science and The Environment"

"Silence in the Woods - Awareness of Nature"

"Our Uniqueness in Relationship to Nature"

"Yearly Water Quality Study of the Little Niagua River"

"Eco Systems - Our Interconnectedness with All Things"

"What it Takes to Take A Shower" From electricity to plumbing, the complex systems that have been created so you can take a shower.

"Build A Solar Water Heater"

It is our goal in having you, that you will learn about the world and the environment, an environment we all must look at and work to preserve. We teach programming that all can take and use it to contribute to a healthier world for all people.



Musician's Retreat

"Music as a Natural Part of Programming"

"Art in All Programs - Incorporated as Creative Expression"

"Artists as Mentors"

"Paper Making"

The Arts at Thunder Eagle Ridge are a top priority. Seeing that budgets are being cut and the arts can be first on the chopping block, we feel this is a tragic loss for children and adults and will make certain this area thrives and develops here.



"Our Internal Environment - Nutrition, We Really Are What We Eat!"

"Health & Aging"

"Strategies in Maintaining Health"

Organic Foods Served at Every Meal

We also incorporate Recreation and Activity into All CampProgramming to promote Exercise and Movement.

Our Recreation Includes: Soccer, Canoeing, Hiking, and Volleyball.

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